July 18, 2011

About Thyme

Let's talk about thyme.Thyme may not be the first one that comes to mind when you think about herbs.

You might think of bold oregano, or a friendly sprig of parsley.

You might think of flashy basil, the popular rock star of herbs. Everyone seems to admire basil.

Sage could come into your thoughts, soft fuzzy aromatic leaves of sage that remind you of autumn and holidays (and sausage).

Lush lovely lavender? And its enchanting romantic scent? Lavender is like a sailors siren. Be careful around lavender.

Maybe you think of Rosemary... sturdy rosemary, the survivor. The one herb that still looks fresh and strong in the garden when a hot dry summer has withered everything else.

Some people might think of cilantro, but others won't, because it seems like people either love or hate cilantro.

Mint might meander into your thoughts, mint, the mother of juleps and mojitos. Mint is one of the first herbs to show up in the garden, just in time for the kentucky derby.

Or if you're thinking of early spring herbs you might think of chives. You can always depend on chives. They will never let you down.

But thyme?Thyme sometimes gets forgotten.

But thyme is the herb I reach for most often.

It's the herb I want by my side when I'm making dinner every night.

That's what thyme is... thyme is on your side.(Please forgive me for saying that. I know it was very corny but I couldn't help myself.)

Thyme is modest. It doesn't take up too much space in the garden and it stays close to the ground. It makes lovely little purple blossoms.

I planted thyme once and I never had to plant it again. I don't do anything special for it, but somehow it endures the winter and comes back to life each spring. It's strong.You can't kill thyme.

(Forgive me again?)

I like to put thyme into pot roasts, chicken stew, shepard's pie, and chicken and wine sauce. Thyme is good in tomato dishes and soups. And it's also really nice in salad dressings and marinades.

I think if I had one bit of advice for any new gardener I would tell them...... you can never have too much thyme.

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