November 7, 2010

On Growing More Chives

Chives will never disappoint you.

Not only are they the first edible green thing to show up in your garden in the spring, but chives are very reliable. They will grow almost anywhere, in any kind of soil. And they will return again, in the same spot, year after year. Plant chive seeds once and you'll have chives forever.

If only 401k's and family members could be so reliable.

In fact, upon deciding that I want more things I can truely depend on in my life, I decided to plant more chives. And the chives, themelves, make doing this easy.

There are two ways to grow more chives from an already existing chive plant...

1.) Don't cut your chives back in late fall. Instead let them make flowers. As the flowers dry out on the plant, you will find that they cradle these lovely little black tear drop shaped seeds. Plant the seeds in shallow soil in the place you want new chives to grow. Little tender green new chives should appear the following spring.

2.) Propogate your chives by digging up some of the bulbs of your current plant. Separate the bulbs and replant them in the area where you want the new plant to grow. This can be done in early spring or late fall. If you're doing this in the fall you may want to cover them with mulch or loose straw to help protect them over the winter.Either way, that's all there is to it... not much work for a hardy flavorful reliable herb!

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