July 13, 2011

To Free a Mockingbird

I've heard that seeing a mockingbird is a sign of trouble to come. I hope that's not really true because I've been seeing a mockingbird around here for several days now.

I tried repeatedly to take its picture but it flew away every time I reached for my camera.Then I noticed something...

... somehow the mockingbird got trapped in the outdoor part of the chicken coop.So I took my camera into the coop and snapped some pictures.

My presence made that poor bird even more frantic. It flapped wildly against the chicken wire, desperate to find a way out.The hens huddled together in the far corner of the coop watching and clucking worriedly as this whole drama unfolded.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore.I had to set the poor mockingbird free.

So I opened the door of the coop and shooed him (her?) out of there and he flew away, far away, I hope....because I don't need any trouble around here.

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