April 29, 2011

Spring Omelet

Something I like about keeping a garden is that I get to anticipate different foods at different times of the year. Each season brings a variety of different foods... and I enjoy looking forward to harvesting the new foods of each season.

A couple of weeks ago I started gently scratching around in the asparagus bed. I knew that soon I would start seeing some thick nubby stubs of asparagus peeking out of the ground... and eventually, one day last week, I did!

Asparagus grows quickly this time of year and I've been eating asparagus every day ever since I noticed that first stalk! Add a handful of spinach that I planted a while back, some fresh eggs, and a few chives, and I have the makings for one of my favorite go-to meals this time of year... a delicious spring omelet!I briefly saute some spinach and asparagus and then set it aside.Then I whisk up a couple of eggs with a bit of salt and pepper.
I pour the eggs into the already heated pan and nudge the edges of the egg inward, tipping the pan to spread the uncooked egg to the new edge.

Then I put the spinach and asparagus on one side, add some shredded cheese, fold it over, and sprinkle some fresh cut chives on top.Classy! No wonder I look forward to spring so much!

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