August 15, 2011

Jam Jar Solar Lights

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a fabulous idea?

That happens to me sometimes. There I am, sleeping just fine, and then all of a sudden I wake up with an idea for some project. But usually, by morning, I realize that it wasn't really as fabulous of an idea as I originally thought. Middle of the night ideas are tricky like that. They usually end up being silly ideas.

But this time I got lucky! When morning rolled around I still thought this was a fabulous idea!

Homemade solar lights made with jam jars! Aren't they cute??Here's how I did it: First I gathered some supplies...
a hammer and a big nail, a compass, and some canning jar lids. I used used ones. (Please pardon my double-speak).

At the store I bought some dollar solar lights, black spray paint, and epoxy glue.I put a hole in the middle of each lid with the big nail.Then I pulled the nail out and shoved the compass into the nail hole and twisted it to rip it into a bigger hole. (I hammered down the sharp edges on the inside of the lid so I wouldn't cut myself on them later.)I sprayed all the lids and rims with black paint.And assembled them.Then I took the operating parts off the solar lights and glued them onto my painted lids.I stacked some books on top of them just until the glue set.(All of the lights came on when I placed the books on top of them!)I think I'll stick to using little tiny jam jars and keeping them empty but any sized mason jar could be used. Pretty rocks, glass, or crinkled up pieces of colored cellophane could be placed inside the jars... the possibilities are endless! I like these!!!


Candy C. said...

Very cute! What a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

Hope you can stop by my blog, I am doing a giveaway this week for some of my seasoning blends!

homegrown countrygirl said...

Hi Candy! I visited your cute blog... what delightful looking herb blends (and a handsome tomato sandwich, too, on homemade bread!) but for some reason I could not leave a comment, not even an anonymous one! I'll try again later... but I wanted you to know that I visited!

MARARIA said...

What a nice idea! very ingenious!

homegrown countrygirl said...

Thank you, MARARIA!