August 21, 2011

Crop Duster

I really enjoy watching a crop duster at work!

If I see one I'll drop everything to watch it. I like to take pictures of them, too...(... although not always good ones).

I was pulling weeds in the garden a few days ago when I heard the rumble of a crop duster plane in the sky, so I ran to fetch my camera.It's so fun to watch a crop duster fly down so low to the ground, and then swoop back up into the sky again, and then fly sideways to turn around and do it again.

Their loud engines add to the excitement of the experience. To me it's kind of like watching a fireworks show and feeling the firework booms.A crop duster makes a fantastic show in the sky, accompanied by body rumbling engine and propeller sounds.

Maybe to the pilot it's just a regular day of work.But it sure is fun to watch!

I also fetched the video camera and took this 59 second movie of it:

I posted pictures and a movie of a crop duster once before. You can click here if you'd like to watch that movie, too!

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