June 11, 2011

At Last

Things have been busy around here.After one of the wettest springs ever recorded we were graced with some dry sunny days and everyone can finally get their tractors into the fields.The wet weather put everyone behind schedule. Prior to this week only ten percent of crops had been planted. (Ninety percent of the crops were already planted at this time last year.)But now it feels like the world around me has let out a sigh of relief. People are happy. Farmers who I don't even know wave with excitement as they pull their implements up and down the road.

Maybe they are just slap happy from sleep deprivation... because they are working around the clock to get caught up.When I step outside at night I hear tractors rattling and rumbling all around me. And I see tractor lights in every direction.Seeing those lights and hearing that rumbling in the darkness around me is comforting... fields are being worked. Crops will get planted. And I know that at least one thing is right in the world. At last.


Anonymous said...

I love your last line... "And I know that at least one thing is right in the world. At least." Very comforting.

homegrown countrygirl said...

Anonymous, thank you so much!