May 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I'm going to show you something embarrassing...Wow. What a mess the garden is!

But it's spring, and time for spring cleaning, and I might as well keep it real here and show you the spring time mess... and how I go about cleaning it up.

First I make a big pile of all the dried up debris..And then I set it on fire.I enjoy doing this... burning up the garden debris smells like spring to me.

It smolders and smokes because some of the debris is funky and wet, especially this year. We've had rain after rain after rain around here. Some whole towns are under water. Everything is soggy. Fields are waterlogged. And farmers wonder if they'll ever be able to get their tractors into the fields.

My garden is soggy, too. This debris fire smoked for hours.But it sure feels good to get the garden cleaned up!


MARARIA said...

you have a very hard work, Dear.
but then... it will look perfect and ready to plant!

homegrown countrygirl said...

Hi Mararia! Gardening is such a fun kind of hard work, isn't it?! And thinking of the food that will grow there gets me through it!