April 16, 2011

Signs of Spring!

After what seems like the longest winter ever, some sure signs of spring appeared this week... like these gorgeous lilac buds. I can hardly wait to smell this lilac!

Other flowers began to emerge, too, like these dafodils...... and these grassy looking wisps under a pine tree that will soon produce some pretty little white flowers. I think they are a kind of creeping lily.But flowers were not the only signs of spring this week.

Another sure sign of spring... monsters lounged in the warm sun.And! I had to mow the grass!

Chickens enjoy the grass clippings.But it was the surest sign of spring that really got me excited this week......finally! The forsythia has bloomed!

Welcome, Spring! I have missed you!!!

1 comment:

MARARIA said...

wuauuuu everything is getting greener and beautiful.The hens look pretty! nice photos!