April 4, 2010

Heralds of Spring

It is said that there will be three snows after the forsythia bloom.

And pretty much that is always what happens.

It's not always a big snow. It probably won't stick. It could be just a few flakes in the air. But snow is snow, whether it's a single flake or a dumping-on, and it seems like it always happens three times after the forsythia bloom... just like they say.

So you can imagine my disappointment when day after nice day came and went, and the forsythia still had not bloomed.

I worried. Certainly they should be blooming by now, I thought. Certainly we are not THAT far from snow free days! I wondered if they had perished in the big snowdrifts that formed along the fence row. I looked at them. I could not tell if they were dead or alive. Dormant forsythia look just like dead forsythia to me.
But finally, an Easter treat! They bloomed their beautiful yellow flowers on Easter!

So now I will count to three.

You hear that, Mother Nature? I'm counting to three...

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