July 14, 2010

Robin Family Update

If you've visited here before you may remember the robin family. A robin couple will hatch eggs and raise baby robins a few times each summer. When a couple of robins made their nest in a lilac tree by the garden earlier this year I gawked at them frequently. I checked on the tiny blue eggs every day hoping to see them hatch. I missed the hatching but I stood and stared at the awkward naked little pink bodied newborn baby robins. Their whole bodies heaved as they took their tiny little day old breaths. I was smitten. I checked on them every day. I was even so bold as to aim my big old camera lens into their nest. I took pictures as they learned to fly. And I was generally a big troublesome bother to the whole family.So when mom and dad robin were ready to have their next brood, they built a new nest, a little further away from the original one. I'm sure they were trying to get away from nosy-body me.

But unfortunately for them, I happened to find their new home.

And look at what I found snuggled inside the new nest.I'll try to leave them alone now.

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