May 28, 2010

Robin Family

I've been watching this robin family.

Mama made her nest in a lilac tree by the garden.

She has four babies.

Mama and Papa both protect the nest and they don't like it when I take pictures of their babies. I've heard that male robins are a little darker on top and brighter in the breast than the females. I think this one might be the Papa.

But baby robins grow up quick. They are already learning how to fly. This one fluttered just a little way and ended up in the rows of potatoes.
Then he made it partway up a fence.
Mama kept her eye on me. "Stay away from my baby!" she yelled.
For the last few days I've seen low flying baby robins everywhere. It's been fun watching them grow up.

I'll keep my eye on this nest. I think a pair of robins can have two or three sets of babies in one summer.

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