March 18, 2010


That's what the computer repairman said.


He was talking about my computer after an ominous blue screen showed up and it wouldn't go away.

"Catastrophic," he said.

My eyes clouded over and my brain shut down and I'll be honest, I didn't hear any more of what he said.

He did not know the depth of this e-injury.

He did not know that I never backed up any of my files.


I NEVER backed up anything!

Not the vacation pictures. Not the tax documents. And not the home movie of Countryboy baling hay.

Not even the the funny movie of the monsters playing and leaping through deep snowdrifts after a near blizzard two winters ago.

And not the Homegrown Countrygirl blog pictures.

The computer repairman didn't know that time and time again I had thought to myself, "I'd better get one of those jump, flash, usb thingys that everyone is always talking about and back up all this stuff."

He didn't know that for months before I started this blog I had been taking pictures. I took pictures, pictures, and more pictures. I was storing them in such an organized fashion that I couldn't even believe it myself... Me! Organized! So many pictures! So many blog ideas! Favorite recipes I had photographed! Pictures of seeds being planted and vegetables being harvested! So many pictures!

I had such Motivation.


I was Motivated. With a capital "M."

And I was enjoying this little blog.

I mean, I know, I know, I don't think that even one real live person had actually ever visited here yet. This was a completely annonymous little crumb of nothing on the Enormously Enormous World Wide Web. Seriously, this little blog was (and still is) a little speck of nothing in the vast www world. But it was MY nothing. And I was being true to it.

I was Thinking about it.

And Working on it.

And Enjoying it.


As insignificant and un-visited as it is, this little blog was My Very Own Creation. I liked it. I tried to make it interesting. And distinct. And relevant. And fun.

Then, "Catastrophic."

But now I'm back. No more crying.

I don't have any pictures.

But I'm going to do what Countrygirl Mom used to tell me when I was growing up: "Get Back Up On That Horse."

That's what she always said. "Get Back Up on That Horse." (There wasn't any Horse to Get Back Up On. She just used the word "Horse" so that I would pay attention. And I guess it worked.)

I'm back up on my Horse.

If you do happen to come across this blog and read this, and if you think you might like to stop by again, please don't give up on me.

I promise to take some more pictures and write a little post now and again.

And if you really are out there, looking at this right now, I have two things to say to you...

(1), Bless Your Heart for reading this jibber. And (2), if you have anything of importance on your computer, go back it up right now!

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