November 1, 2009

Appointment to Heaven

Here at homegrown farm we are lucky enough to be able to grow more than just vegetables.
Meet these droopy eared durocs.
They were darling, weren't they?
But don't get too attached. These fellows got bigger and went to their "Appointment to Heaven" last week.

What was that??? I think I just heard a collective gasp across cyberspace.

Please understand. These boys lived a good life. They wallowed in the mud, played in the pasture, slept in a comfortable barn, and ate all kinds of good homegrown foods. Not a day went by when they didn't get petted and scratched in all of their itchy places. One of them would always roll over on his side for his belly to be rubbed.

This means a lot to me. I am thankful that we can raise our own.

If I couldn't eat homegrown meat I might look to purchase meat from small local farmers through Local Harvest. Sometimes you can contact the farmers and ask questions about how their animals are raised.

Click on this short movie if you'd like to watch these pigs having fun one day. They especially enjoyed drinking from the water hose.

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