March 20, 2011

Vernal Equinox

Spring is officially here now. I walked outside with my camera to take a few pictures of it's arrival at 7:21pm, the very moment of the vernal equinox.It was warmer today and the chickens were outside.

Hello, there!I was looking at how the curly dry grape tendrils wrap beautifully around their support wire......when a little white tailed rabbit jumped out of a shallow hole and ran across the garden. I didn't get a picture of the rabbit, but its hole was under this big dried loose weed.I peeked at the shallow rabbit hole underneath the weed...Somehow this old sunflower remained upright through the brutal winter.But look, new growth! There are a number of patches of rye trying to grow.And new buds on this tree...Things still look brown, though.And clouds were moving in, as you can see in the sky behind this prickly weed.These little dried flowers sure are pretty...I recognize these red stalks... blackberries!Welcome, Spring! I've missed you!

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