February 6, 2011

Ice, Snow, and Finding Food

A large part of the United States has been covered in layers of ice and snow lately, including my little corner of the world here, in rural Ohio.Wild animals are having a hard time finding food as most of the ground is iced over. These birds were eating seeds from some dead weeds. I don't think this is their food of choice, it's just what they can get to right now.

Yesterday I glanced out my kitchen window to see this guy.I knew he was just looking for a sandwich somewhere... imagine how hungry he must be, to be wandering around, out in the open, in the daylight like this. So I did exactly what I shouldn't do... I took some pieces of cornbread to the far corner of the garden where I think he might live.But then I went back inside for my camera, and sure enough, he was still hanging around.

Hello, there!I told him about the cornbread and then I left him alone... he looked like he had enough trouble, without having to worry about me and my camera.

Farm animals have it rough, too, since it has also been quite cold here. But farm animals get some luxurious things, like heating lamps and cedar lined nesting boxes...And treats handed to them on a silver platter...... okay, maybe it isn't a silver platter... it's really a cat litter box... but I was hoping you wouldn't notice that. They don't seem to mind.


homegrown countrygirl said...

Appolgies to Ms Russell! I promised the Parmesan Baked Butternut next but then I ditched in line with this post! I'm sorry, Ms Russell! Parm Baked Butternut is still on the way!

MARARIA said...

my god! what a terible weather you must have in Ohio!

here in Madrid we are having warmer days that make our spirits up! Almost 20Âșc . I like the pictures and the hens!

Linda said...

Hello, I'm Linda from Nothin But Country Living and I found you while visiting The Pioneer Woman. You have a great blog and I would like to invite you to visit me sometime. I love all the little critters and I try to keep them fed as much as possible. I also feel sorry for them, it has been extremely cold this winter here in West TN.

homegrown countrygirl said...

Mararia, Madrid sure does sound dreamy right now... if my math is right (it might not be) 20 degrees C is like 60-something degrees F!

Linda, Thanks for your nice comments and for following my blog!!!