January 1, 2011

Winter Green

Do you make New Year's resolutions?

I don't. Because I'm perfect already. (Ha!)

For 2011 I think I'm going to try to be less "green."

I'm not talking about solar energy. Or wind power. Or energy efficiency.

I'm talking about John Deere.

I'm certain that you know the color I'm talking about when I say "John Deere Green." You see a specific color in your mind when you hear that, even if you're a city folk. Because everyone knows John Deere Green. There's even a paint named "John Deere Green." (There's also a "John Deere Yellow.")

Don't get me wrong... I love John Deere!

John Deere tractors and implements are total workhorses.

But everything has it's limits. And the truth on the farm is that sometimes there's a failure.

So when a malfunction occurs before you've moved all of your implements into the barn for the winter, well, then you end up with spots of "John Deere Green" in your otherwise monochrome grey winter landscape.

Winter Green.Quite pretty, really. It almost looks like a Christmas card!

But I'd be happier if these items had made it into the barn before the snow fell. My resolution is to try to fix this winter green situation.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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