May 30, 2011


"7-Upsidedown" sounds like it might be some sort of interesting cocktail, doesn't it?

I came up with that title on purpose. I thought you'd be more inclined to read a post that sounded like a cocktail.

But in this case the "7" is really "Sevin," an awesome bug killer for your garden.

You can get it in powder or liquid form. I like the powder. It comes in this shiny bright red bag.The "Upsidedown" is how I apply it. I used a hammer and a nail setter to poke holes in the bottom of a coffee can a hundred years ago and I still use that same old rusty coffee can. I fill the coffee can with powdered Sevin, pop the lid back on the coffee can, turn the can upsidedown, and then shake it over a row of vegetables that is menaced by bugs. Using Sevin this way distributes the powder evenly without much waste. Leftover powder remains dry in the can until next time, even it it sits on a shelf over winter. (I keep another coffee can lid on the hole punch side when not in use.)I should mention that one drawback to using Sevin is that it kills a lot of bugs, including some beneficial ones.

There is a lot to be said for going organic and never using any chemicals. I admire you if you do that.

But me, I'm not organic. I occasionally use Sevin on my garden. And I seem to have turned out, turned out, turned out, turned out, just fine, thank you.

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