October 15, 2009

Ode to a Root Cellar

"Oh, how I wish I had one."

That's it.

That's the whole poem, or "ode," if it were.

You weren't expecting more, were you?

Seriously. Count yourself lucky that's all there is.

But if the poem is lacking, the information is not.


I am about to tell you my most brilliant discovery of my entire life.

Do you think I'm joking??? I'm not!

I wish I could patent my idea. But it's just a 5 gallon bucket and a plastic bag, and how do you patent THAT?
Here it is. Listen carefully. This information might change your life forever...

You can keep carrots crispy fresh, where they "snap!" when you break them in half, for five to six months.

I am not kidding you.

Dear readers, (Hello? Is anyone out there?) this is the greatest discovery I've ever made in my whole entire life. It's easy. It's cheap. And it works:

Dig your carrots.

Layer your carrots in a 5 gallon bucket with moist (not wet) dirt. End with your carrots covered with dirt (not exposed like in the picture above).

Cover your bucket loosely with a plastic bag.

Put your bucket in a cool place, a real live root cellar if you are lucky enough to have one. (But I just use the basement... hence, the "ode.")That's it. Do this and you will have crispy carrots for five to six months.

Now you can quit reading this blog. There will never be another bit of information as good as this ever again.

Good Bye forever!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful site you have! you are very very good at this. you must have lived in the country all your life thanks for sharing all your great tips

homegrown countrygirl said...

Dear Annonymous,
You are the first person ever to comment on my blog... thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the nice compliment!!